Portable Water Softener: Buying Tips


The On The Go portable water softener we purchased over a year ago is doing its job nicely (see this entry: A portable Water Softener ...). Here's a follow up on our experience and some helpful tips:

1) Interested in purchasing a softener? Go to the RV Water Filter Store; a dealer offering different brands and accessories. Rick Dahl is a very knowledgeable owner and available to answer questions over the phone. Also check out prices at On The Go Portable Softeners.

2) The On-The-Go softener comes from the factory with plastic fittings. One broke not long after installing it. I called Rick to complain and he offered to sell me brass replacements for inlet and outlet. I also purchased the following:


  • an extra 4 foot inlet hose with brass fittings
  • a couple of brass Y's with shutoffs (comes in handy)
  • one in-line brass shutoff to connect to the inlet side

So, be sure the one you order has brass inlet/outlet fittings.

3) Water source filtering is also important. I purchased an external filter canister for a simple carbon filter to filter the water at the softener inlet side. This keeps any sediments/solids from entering the softener. I also use a Hydro-Life cartridge in the built-in filter cartridge in the coach water inlet system.

4) Bought an extra quantity of water softness test strips to check on softness. This helps determine when to recharge and I test the water after a recharge. Best price at FilterWater.com. I ordered four bottles.

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