Full Time RVing: A portable water treatment system might be a wise investment


Pam and I have been on the road for almost two years. We have experienced everything from crystal clear water to the hardest of hard waters. Result: mineral deposits everywhere in the Providence water system and water appliances. I concluded I had to do something when our new automatic coffee maker had to be de-scaled after only 1 month of use.

Here's a site that offers a great description of the different types of water conditioners for the RV traveler; from portable water softeners to reverse osmosis systems: The RV Water Filter Store. After reviewing all the options, I chose the "On the Go" double capacity portable water softener. It is simple to use and recharges with regular table salt. Double Capacity to get a longer interval between recharges as we are probably on the high side of usage. It was a bit expensive but should pay back big over time protecting our water system components.

The new system was just installed yesterday and I can already tell the difference in clarity and even taste. The best indicator will be the clarity of the ice cubes made on our refrigerator.

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