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Where to Domicile if Full Time RV'ing?


us-map.gifThis is an important question for RV full timers and requires some research. There are several factors to consider:

  • State income tax
  • Personal property tax
  • New vehicle sales tax
  • Insurance rates
  • Vehicle registration requirements
  • Driver's license requirements
  • Vehicle inspection requirements
  • Property tax (if you are going to own real property in the state you call home)
  • Mail service membership fee
  • Other
I just replaced all the tires on our Saturn Vue with Toyo from Les Schwab when we were in Washington just two months ago. Nothing wrong with the Toyo, they have a great reputation as a premium tire. Here's my predicament:

Never Forget

license.jpgI am as speechless and horrified as 9 years ago ... I will never forget.

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Uneven RV Tire Wear: Learning the hard way


When we experienced the rear tire problem a week or so ago, I asked the technician to look at my front tires as they appeared to be cusping on the outer edges; very severe on the passenger side. His diagnosis: out of alignment. I also concluded I needed to carry a spare as noted in the Disaster Averted post. So, here was my plan:

  1. Have the front end aligned as soon as possible.
  2. Replace both steering axle tires with new Michelins.
  3. Replace the off brand rear tire installed in our emergency a week ago with the driver side front Goodyear, discard the badly cusped front passenger Goodyear tire. Result is matched Goodyears on the rear and the off brand tire becomes a spare.

So, before we left McCall, I arranged to have the front end aligned at the nearest Freightliner service dealer which happened to be in Lewiston, Idaho. I also arranged to have the new Michelins available in Coeur D'Alene, our next stop.

Visiting Arizona can take you through winding scenic roads to observe native wildlife or to a relaxing luxury golf and spa getaway. From the deserts, barren mountains, rock formations and cactus in the south, the beautiful Sedona red mountains and forested high country to the north and the splendor of the Grand Canyon. Here are just a few photos of our journey through the state: Sedona and rock formations near Tucson. Not a bad place to winter (and many do).

Just transferred my vehicle insurance from Virginia to Texas. The motor home went up 17.5%. The Vue went up 52%. Yuk. Explanation:

Texas has one of the highest rates of uninsured motorists in the nation.

Go figure. I'll check out South Dakota some time in the future. Same low personal tax structure as Texas and I am sure lower insurance rates.

I did get my Texas driver's license today: Class B Commercial (because of the motor home). I was required to pass a CDL test and do a behind the wheel driver test. I passed both.

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Becomimg a citizen of Texas



Since we are on the road full time, it makes absolutely no sense to be based in Virginia and be subject to the enormous personal property taxes on our Motor Coach ($4.20/$100 of assed value). Our real property was being taxed at about $1.20/$100 of assed value. Does this make any sense at all? Not to me since we hardly use Virginia's highways. Virginia, you just lost me but not without a bit of sorrow.

So, we have become citizens of the Lone Star State. It is just a matter of establishing "domicile." No state income tax and no personal property tax.

We are still "wandering" and on our way to California for the holidays.

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Blue Angels practice at Pensacola, FL NAS


Attended the Blue Angels practice yesterday and awesome is an understatement. Here's a link to the full album of my favorite 36 out of about 160 taken:

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We fully anticipated enjoying the beauty of this wonderful place on the planet and were not disappointed. The coastline, islands, mountains and the sea are simply spectacular. Unfortunately, attractive locations also draw a plethora of tourists just like us. Tourism is what drives the local economy from mid-May through October. It literally shuts down other times.

We will stay one more day then start our trek south arriving back in Leesburg late September/early October. Our trip north next year will certainly include Noca Scotia. Just wasn't in the cards this time for a variety of reasons not the least of which is Bill.

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Family values


Having been on the road and staying in RV campgrounds fpr 10 1/2  months I have one very profound observation: the number of families on camping trips. Kids, parents, friends and even grandparents are filling the summer campgrounds. Tents, popups, travel trailers, 5th wheels and motor homes.

What I see that makes me feel good:

  • Kids riding bikes
  • Playing frisbee
  • Going to the beach
  • Playing in the pool
  • Sitting around campfires
  • Roasting marshmellos (smores anyone?)
  • Tossing a ball
  • Teenagers watching over their young siblings
  • Teenagers not wanting to be seen with their parents

The best memories I have as a kid was going camping with my parents. It's these experiences that are somehow family binding. Good to see families being together and creating lasting memories. This is what solidifies our family values! We need more of it.

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