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A tragedy at Acadia National Park?

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I ventured out to Acadia National Park this afternoon to photgraph Thunder Hole and the park was shut down. Ambulance and recue crews went in. Rumors are that 5 people were swept off the rocks by high waves. A tragedy if true. And if true, what were these people thinking? There are 20 to 30 foot freaking waves today because of Bill for God's sake. If the link works above, it'll be a YouTube video of the Hole.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009 - Bar Harbor, Maine: Hurricane Bill the morning after. Waves of 20 to 30 feet illustrate the force of Mother Nature.

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In Burlington, VT. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this place. Got the water gush fixed. I'm so handy. Have a strong Verizon signal for my PC (broadband) and phone. Back in business. Working on DAAR and a proposal to PWAR. MT 4.3 is the best yet! Gotta get my clients upgraded.

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