Bryce Canyon


April 22, 2010: Bryce Canyon National Park

Located towards the north/central region of the great Colorado Plateau, Bryce Canyon is most famous for Hoodoos: a pillar of rock of fantastic shape, left by erosion. 200 million years of earth movement and water erosion has created this natural wonder. Our visit was on a cloudy, rainy and snowy day with temperatures hovering right at 32 degrees. Below are just a few of the pictures we took along the various park viewpoints along it's 18 mile paved road high along the plateau rim featuring many perspectives of the "Bryce Amphitheater," the most famous being Bryce Point overlooking the Hoodoos. Zion and Bryce possess fantastic beauty and geological formations but are small in size when compared to the grandest of this great plateau region; you guessed it: the Grand Canyon.

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