Live free or die


Get government OUT of our lives. I am part of the awakening of a "sleeping giant." If the administration wants to fix things:

  • Stop the spending
  • Stop the bailouts
  • Stop making me pay for others poor decisions
  • Stop the corruption
  • Stop the cronyism
  • Stop hypocrisy
  • Stop the silly pork
  • Stop the Cap and Trade
  • Stop health care reform (or is it now Insurance Reform?)
  • Stop Pelosi, Reid and Barney and all the others who don't respect us
  • Stop writing bills that no one reads
  • Stop lying to us
  • Stop treating us like children
  • Stop apologizing for the United States!!!!
  • If you make apologies make sure you mention that I don't agree

And ...

  • Fix Social Security
  • Fix Medicare
  • Fix Medicaid
  • Fix the Postal Service
  • Fix Amtrak
  • Fix Fannie and Freddie
  • Fix the US highways (I use them a lot)

I want you (the government)  to ...

  • Read the freaking bills so you know what you are voting for!!
  • Keep us safe from attacks
  • Protect us from criminals
  • Regulate but not micro-manage
  • Let the free markets work
  • Get off our backs
  • Use some common sense for Gods sake!!!

What I can do about it?

  • Promote term limits because politics should not be a career
  • Do not vote for any incumbents
  • Elect independents who agree with the above

Do you reall think ...

  • The American people are stupid?
  • We don't really care?
  • We are too wrapped up in our materialism?
  • That I am not a "hard working American?"

Not so ...

  • You work for us
  • You serve at the pleasure of the people
  • We can and will control your representation

Live free or die. New Hampshire got it right.

Awake the sleeping giant.

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