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Pecan Park RV Resort, Jacksonville, FL

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A three day stay very close to Jacksonville on our way to Orlando. Woodalls rated 5 W's and I might agree if it wasn't located right on the landing path of the Jacsonville International Airport. Otherwise, nicely laid out with 70 foot level, concrete pads. Sites are 40 feet wide so we have a little more space than usual.

Standard price of $42/night is OK for the quality. They also take Good Sam as well as Passport America at 50% off per night. Were members so $21/night is a real bargain! http://www.pecanparkrvresort.com/index.php

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Savannah Oaks RV Resort

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Stayed here when visiting Savannah because it was the closest to the city (about 15 miles) and Woodalls rated it 3 W's, the highest in the area. It is one W too high and surely not a "resort." Location is convenient but facilities are old, not well maintained, sites not level and average price. Staff was friendly. Nice store with a gas staion which is unusual.

BTW, website is awful http://www.savannahoaks.net/

Otherwise, Savannah is a great city to visit. Little known fact: Port has the highest volume of shipping in North America.

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