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Where to Domicile if Full Time RV'ing?


us-map.gifThis is an important question for RV full timers and requires some research. There are several factors to consider:

  • State income tax
  • Personal property tax
  • New vehicle sales tax
  • Insurance rates
  • Vehicle registration requirements
  • Driver's license requirements
  • Vehicle inspection requirements
  • Property tax (if you are going to own real property in the state you call home)
  • Mail service membership fee
  • Other

Headlight Restoration Product Really Works!


After three years traveling the country full time in the Providence, the headlights were looking dim and cloudy. I purchased the Mothers PowerBall 4Lights Headlight Restoration All-In-One kit at a local auto parts store. I had high hopes that it was going to work but was cautiously optimistic.

Just got through using it and am delighted! Here's a before and after shot (click image for large view):

Thumbnail image for headlights 2011 09 02 004 x800.JPGThumbnail image for headlights 2011 09 02 005 x800.JPG 

Learned a little in the process:

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