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Our first Christmas in over 12 years with all my children together (and grand children). Top: Kevin Jr., Kevin, Robin, Pam, Chris and me. Bottom: Brittany, Randy and Karen. Stanley (left) and Jada (right) too.

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In-N-Out: The way fast food burgers should be


Having grown up and spending most of my life in California, there are a few things I enjoy coming back to (besides family). Maybe on top of the list is In-N-Out burgers. If there was a company that has the fast food burger down pat it is this company. I can remember enjoying these back in the 60's living in the Pomona area when their were probably no more than a few outlets. Family owned and operated they grow slowly and never franchise. As successful as they are there are no plans to take their company public. They don't have to.

They had three things on the menu (besides drinks): Burger, Cheese Burger and French Fries. Today, they have the same three things (OK, add a double burger). Their establishments are always sanitary clean and the staff is dressed in white uniforms; always presenting themselves in a professional manner.

Now the food: the burgers are made fresh on the grill and the fries are always fresh. In fact, if an order of fries sits more than two minutes, they are tossed and a fresh order is delivered to the customer. The burgers are by far the best. No soggy buns; always fresh toasted. The other ingredients are always fresh including onions, lettuce and tomatoes. This is a company that perfected a product and never deviates from what they do best.

Check out their website at Take a look at their menu and history. They haven't changed their success factors for over 60 years. Simply the best!!

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MiFi™: Broadband internet on the road

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If you are mobile like we are, chances are you have some sort of technology allowing you access to one of the major carriers Mobile Broadband. We have been using Verizon Mobile Broadband for over 15 months through their USB Mini Air-Card. Works 98% of the time and have been very satisfied with it. The only downside, it is for one computer. Pam and I only share it physically; I have it or she does.


I just learned about a relatively new technology offered by Verizon called MiFi™. It is about the size of 5 or so credit cards pressed together. The best part:

  • It is a Mobile Broadband Access Point (up to 3G speeds) and
  • It is a wireless router for up to 5 devices!!

That means we can be on the internet simultaneously and have access to our HP Wireless inkjet printer. No more competing for the AirCard. I found it very easy to set up. It can run on its battery (4 hours) and is active plugged in and charging. In fact, we leave ours plugged in all the time since we always have electric power into the Providence.

Remaining to see:

  • How it does in low signal power areas and
  • Connectivity speed in non 3G enabled areas (usually get something called Extended Network at slower connection speeds)

I am amazed at the capability in such a small package.

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