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Hybrid News.jpgByrne Reese at majordojo (and more recently endevver) took an open source design from a WordPress designer and modified it for MT. Drum role please ... Hybrid News for MT. You can see my implementation of it at The Providence Gazzette. It is my Providence content imported into my test MT installation.

I can see many possible applications of this theme anywhere a "news" format Blog/Website is desired; associations, real estate brokers and agents ... limited only by imagination.

I have worked with Movable Type (MT)  for over five years and wouldn't want to develop Blogs and/or Blogsites with anything else. It is fast, industrial strength, flexible and esy to work with. The only area that is lacking is the development and availabilty of a wide variety of sophisticated Themes. WordPress is far superior in this area. As a MT based website developer I always start with a blank and create unique styles for each client. While this is usually part of the requirement, it is one of the most time consuming (and expensive) part of a project.

Good to have this one to use as a base!!


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Harper's Ferry KOA.jpgWe call Leesburg, VA home. When we come home, we park the coach at the KOA in Harper's Ferry, WV. At 25 miles to Leesburg, it is the closest we have found. Loudoun County is devoid of places to park a RV.

Harpers Ferry is noted for its Civil War history and the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers. The U.S. National Park Service has a good bit of detail about this historic area. Here's an excellent aerial of the area:
Harpers Ferry WV.jpg

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castaways.jpgThe Castaways RV Resort was completely renovated in the last three years and it shows (investment must have been in the millions). It is located right on the bay with panoramic views. Activities available include fishing, jet skiing, golf adjacent to the resort and an airport next door to do your skydiving!! We had a spot with the bay in view out our front picture window windshield. A few photos attached.

Our next stop is Northern Virginia (actually Harpers Ferry, WV) for two to three weeks. Hope to catch up with our friends.


Price: $$$$$ (5 dollar signs means very expensive)

Rating: 8.5 (would be higher except for the price)

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A New Jersey Shore Experience


Made it to the New Jersey shore on September 5th. First stop was in Port Republic and stayed at the NACO Chestnut Lake campground. What a dive!! Reserved a week but only stayed 3 full days. It was not well maintained and the mosquitoes were awful. I marked it to be avoided. Cell coverage was average, 3G network intermittent.

Next stop: the Beachcomber RV Resort in Cape May, NJ. Nice park that was highly rated. It was ok but not great. After the big storm many sites were literally flooded. Fortunately, ours was not. Cell coverage was excellent, 3G network excellent.

On to Delaware on the Cape May/Lewes Ferry. A little rough after the storm but endurable.

Cape May and Ferry photos attached (continue reading).

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Egads ... Cape May, NJ and another horrific storm


Just our luck ... stayed at the Beachcomber RV Resort for two nights and had to weather the "tropical depression" cruising up the northeast coast. The wind and driving rain kept us up most of the night. I was worried how water tight the Providence is. Fortunately we came through it OK and now we are waiting for the Cape May/Lewes Ferry to take us to ... uhhh ... Lewes, DE.  Off the ferry then on to Ocean City, MD for a few days. I'm not looking forward to the roughness going across the channel.

This is the first time the Providence (and associated dinghy) has been on a Ferry. We'll see how it turns out. It's only an eighty minute trip across the seventeen mile bay. More to come.

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Pam and I just finished our inaugural New England tour from August 28 through September 4th, 2009 ...


We could have spent several days in Boston and not experience all of it. But, I think we hit some of the high points in a short afternoon on the Freedom Trail 

  • Old State House
  • Faneuil Hall
  • North End in the midst of St. Patrick's Feast
  • Paul Revere House
  • Old North Church
  • Bunker Hill

A very impressive walk providing a great sense of our American history. A day to be remembered. Will see more on our next trip around the country.


A long drive from the south west metro area and a little disappointing. Very touristy with all the ghost and witches attractions. We did see the House of Seven Gables and had a nice lunch at the Witch's Brew Café. I did find a few picture opportunities of historic architecture.


We found Plymouth to be very quaint and thoroughly enjoyed it; from the Mayflower II to the Plymouth History Museum. Of special significance are the original Mayflower passengers who are Pam's ancestors. Having toured the replica Mayflower, it is hard to believe 102 passengers and 20 to 30 crew could have survived a 10 week passage in such small space. People here were immensely helpful, courteous and friendly.

Cape Cod:

We visited Chatham searching for the Nickerson's burial ground. The Nickerson's founded Chatham and are also Pam's ancestors. We found the burial ground and the Nickerson Family Research center. We now understand why Cape Cod is so popular. A beautiful part of our great country.


We found the actual home Pam's great grandparents lived in circa 1900. We happened to be able to speak to the current owners and the were also very helpful. They have lived there for over 20 years. We suspect the house does not quite look the same as it did 100 years ago.

Pictures are highlights of our tour and are annotated on our Facebook albums.

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Just a little Nova Scotia


Catching up with a few Nova Scotia pictures. We only had time for lunch and these are just a small sample of the trip experience.

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